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The green hills of the Tasmanian valley, Australia, are considered one of the freshest in the world, where has provided the best source of fresh cow’s milk for Tamar Valley to produce delicious Greek yogurt products.

Tamar Valley Greek Yogurt is favored thanks to its smooth, creamy texture, high nutritional content (double calcium and protein compared to traditional yogurt), natural taste and good for health.

Recently, Tamar Valley has just launched a new yogurt line “The creamery” to meet the market demand for a fruit-mixed yogurt with higher aroma from fresh milk cream.

Produced according to a new formula, but still retaining the highlights of Greek yogurt, the new product line “The creamery” is added 10% fat content, the taste is better than the traditional product line. 4 new fruit flavors: strawberry, blueberry, mango, passion fruit will satisfy all tastes from children to adults. With a high calcium content from fresh milk cream (more than 18% compared to the traditional type), fruit and whole milk rich in protein, vitamins, “The Creamery” promises to continue to be a companion indispensable in the daily menu of consumers.

 In Vietnam, “The Creamery” is imported and distributed directly by New Viet Dairy with 02 types of weight 170g and 700g and many attractive flavors:

  • Tamar Valley Greek Yoghurt strawberries & cream 170g/700g
  • Tamar Valley Greek Yoghurt blueberries & cream 170g/700g
  • Tamar Valley Greek Yoghurt mango & cream 170g/700g
  • Tamar Valley Greek Yoghurt passion fruit & cream 170g/700g

And these two traditional flavors:

  • Tamar Valley Greek Yoghurt Plain 500g
  • Tamar Valley Greek Yoghurt Vanilla 700g

All products can be eaten directly or mixed with nuts, granola (toasted cereal); used as ingredients for a variety of desserts or savory dishes…

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