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Protein is one of the body’s three major nutrients, alongside carbohydrates and fats, forming the basic building blocks of our bodies. In that, protein is the key to building and maintaining muscle. Historically, it has been associated with the diets of bodybuilders and professional athletes.

Nowadays, using protein in daily meals has become the mainstream. The quality of life is increasing day by day, the demand for food has far exceeded the basic requirements, and new standards have arisen such as healthy foods, helping to strengthen muscles, etc. Protein consumption also increased.

The roles of protein

Our bodies use amino acids as building blocks of proteins, which bind together to create peptide chains arranged and folded into specific structures. Protein plays an important role in building structure and function in every cell of our body, such as skin, organs, muscles and bones.

Here are the three main roles of protein plays in building muscle:

  • Prevent muscle loss

Muscle can make up to 30-40% of bodyweight in a healthy young adult, but your amount of muscle declines by 0.6-2.6% per year. This increases the risk of frailty, disability, and loss of independence. To help protect from muscle mass loss over your lifetime, the constant turnover of muscle protein must be supported by your diet. Protein in your diet provides the essential building blocks which stimulates new muscle tissue formation.

Adding milk protein to your daily meals is a way to help you maintain and develop muscle
  • Boost muscle growth

Exercise stimulates the production of muscle proteins, but if you do not eat after exercise, the body will break down more muscle protein than it produces. As a result, dairy protein can be consumed post-workout to further optimize muscle maintenance and growth.

  • Provide amino acids

Proteins are built from a range of smaller molecules called amino acids. Some of these amino acids are essential and must be provided in the diet, as they cannot be synthesized by the body.  Dairy supports muscle maintenance by providing a high-quality complete protein, which is rich in essential amino acids, promoting protein synthesis to support the body. Consuming quality protein, spread across the day, is a proven way to help maintain muscle mass as we age, allowing people to keep active and mobile.

A big opportunity for food manufacturers

Each type of protein has its own benefits, plant-based protein diets, such as vegetarian diets, is recommended for many health benefits. However, many research show that an animal protein diet containing enough essential amino acids will help develop muscle and strength for the body more effectively. So, depending on needs and lifestyle, consumers choose 1 or a combination of both protein sources for the best effect.

Cow’s milk contains high quality proteins

Increasing consumer demand for cow’s milk protein is an opportunity for manufacturers. In the past, the fortification of food and beverages with dairy protein often resulted in unappealing textures. However, following years of research and innovation, cow’s milk ingredient manufacturers such as NZMP have provided quality ingredients such as full-fat milk powder, skimmed milk powder, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate…for market. New developments provide manufacturers with high-quality ingredients that meet the requirements of high milk protein structure and concentration, and still ensure the delicious taste of the products.

To meet diverse and growing consumer demands, food manufacturers can combine the use of dairy ingredients to increase protein in a variety of products from healthy snacks such as yoghurts, baked goods, nutrition bars to ready-to-drink beverages, such as soft drinks, fruit milk.. These new products provide consumers with more choices while still delivering a great sensory experience. It is also deal solution to complementing the hectic schedules of consumers who often have to skip meals but are still trying to reach their nutrition and health goals.

NZMP – a brand from Fontera, New Zealand – is one of the famous brands for quality dairy protein products that are trusted to serve the food and beverage industry. In Vietnam, NZMP’s dairy protein products are being distributed and imported by New Viet Dairy from New Zealand. Contact us via email or Facebook @NewVietDairy for more detailed NZMP’s product advice.

Source of pictures: NZMP