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With the trend towards focusing on high-nutrient ingredients and diverse flavors, New Viet Dairy takes pride in importing and distributing various baking ingredients imported directly from renowned brands such as CSM, Vivo, Van Houten, Bakels… catering to the needs of many bakery, restaurant, and hotel businesses. 

Vivo: a brand of the Fuji Oil Group from Japan, established in 1950, specializes in supplying oils for the baking industry and confectionery production worldwide. Vivo’s cake decoration cream and vegetable butter/margarine products are always the trusted choice of professional chefs and bakers. 
+ Topping Cream: Produced using sterilization processing technology, combining milk and vegetable fats, it has a low-fat content but still retains a creamy and fragrant flavor. The cream maintains topping consistency better and melts less than Whipping cream, easy to whip into a perfect cake decoration. 
+ Buttery Spread/Unsalted Margarine: Vivo vegetable butter is a product manufactured in Singapore under modern technological processes, ensuring the quality and delicious flavor of the product. 

+ Blended/Margarine Sheet: With 1kg packaging, the product is easy to handle and cost-effective, suitable for use in laminated pastry and various types of sweet cakes. 
Van Houten: Produced by Barry Callebaut – a leading high-quality cocoa and chocolate manufacturer worldwide. With over 190 years of establishment and development, Van Houten has become the top choice of many chefs and pastry chefs. 

Van Houten Chocolate products have a smooth, non-waxy texture, easy to process after melting. They are ideal ingredients suitable for diverse customer needs: baking, cake decoration, ganache, making ice cream, and desserts. 

CSM Bakery Solutions is a leading company in the production of bakery ingredients, with products distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. CSM provides many of the most reliable brands in the industry, such as Ulmer Spatz, one of the products imported and distributed by New Viet Dairy. 

+ Wholemeal Bread Mix H: This mixed flour product for whole grain bread is the top choice in healthy bread recipes. With superior quality and premium ingredients, it offers flexibility in application with usage rates from 10% – 25%, resulting in deliciously fragrant bread, crispy crust, and moist crumb. 

+ Kraftkorn Mix Export: Contains ingredients such as wheat, dark barley, soy flour, oatmeal, and barley, rich in minerals and fiber, bringing a characteristic delicious flavor. Usage ratio varies from 20% – 50% for various bread recipes. 

+ Mais Mix: Made from 100% carefully selected corn kernels with beautiful golden color and distinctive corn flavor, it helps keep bread fresh for a long time, flexible usage, creating a delicious crispy crust. It is often used in various recipes such as traditional bread, sandwiches, etc. 

These brands will be present at the New Viet Dairy booth (AE5-01) at the upcoming Food & Hotel event. Come and explore with us! 

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