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New Zealand has a fresh sea environment with many cold currents, is an ideal place for seafood to grow, especially Hoki fish.

Hoki fish is a deep- water fish which usually swims at depths of 200 to 800 metres and can live for up to 25 years. The main food sources of Hoki fish are squid, small fish and crustaceans. It has a more prominent flavor than other white fish – delicate, white, moist flesh, contains high nutritional, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats.

Thanks to its convenience and high applicability, Hoki fish fillet is the ingredient chosen by many chefs for their menu. New Viet Dairy is pleased to introduce to customers a new product – Fried Hoki Fillet of SeaLord brand. This is one of the largest seafood companies in the Southern Hemisphere, established in 1961. With more than 50 years of experience in fishing, farming, processing and marketing, SeaLord has always provided high quality seafood for customers all over the world.

Hoki fish will be cleaned, fillet, marinated, fried, and packaged according to strict procedures of SeaLord Company – the leading seafood brand in New Zealand – to ensure quality and safety of product for consumers.

Products were imported and distributed by New Viet Dairy, with standard storage conditions that bring the most perfect and freshest crispy fried Hoki fillets for you:

Hoki Classic Crumb Fillets 480g

Hoki Tempura Batter Fillets 450g

Hoki Parsley Sauce Fillets 460g

Hoki Pub Style Batter Fillets 450g

Hoki Gluten Free Crumb Fillets 300g

Wild-caught New Zealand Hoki fish fillets coated in a crispy powder can be combined with French fried for a traditional Fish & Chips dish or mixed with a salad to serve diners a healthy and nutritious meal.

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