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New Viet Dairy will introduce some of the imported meat & seafood products of some famous brands from over the world, to the upcoming Food & Hotel Vietnam 2019, taking place from 24 – 26th April 2019, at SECC, Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center.

Also, you will find some tips to optimize the business efficiency in the food & beverage industry in this event. All will be shared by our experts & Iron Chefs from New Viet Gastronomy team. Accompanying us in this activity is the world famous brands: Highford, St Sever, ETS Lucien, Elpozo, Caillor, Challose, Ekro, National Beef and Granvilmer.

HIGHFORD: The source of high-quality New Zealand produce and food products. They supply Ovantion – the 100% grass fed free range New Zealand lamb, also supply Pure Aotearoa and Talley’s brand.

ST SEVER is a poultry products producer including corn-fed poultry and grain-fed poultry from France. ST SEVER proudly to say that their poultry products are 100% freedom and 80% grain.
–       Farming method: 100% freedom without barries fences.
–       Breeding: 100% rustic and local

–       Feeding: 100% plant-based, 80% locally grown corn without GMO.

ETS LUCIEN – Master butcher delicatessen since 1947: With over 60 years of experiences, ETS Lucien is a master butcher producing a wide range of fresh delicatessen meat products. Quality: Certificates of EC, ISO 9001:20018 and HACCP.

ELPOZO: The Elpozo company producing Legado Iberico is a family-owned company since 1935, nowadays they export to more than 82 countries. The quality complies with IPC (Integrated Process Control). The products comply with Iberico Quality Norm and can traceability.

CAILLOR: With over 30 years of experience, Caillor is the leading brand in Europe in the quails production under strictly control processes of BRC and IFS.

CHALOSSE : is a brand producing Duck products from Cooperative Foie Gras De Chalosse of France. Established in 1982, Cooperative Foie Gras de Chalosse carries a mission to gather tradition producers with the common interest to preserve their know-how, local traditions and to bring superior quality duck products to the world. Their products are “Label Rouge” certified. This certificate is issued and backed by the French Government.

EKRO: Ekro in the Netherlands is the world’s largest and most modern calf slaughterhouse and veal production facility. Ekro exports 95% of its production to over 60 countries worldwide, supplying retail, food service and industry.

NATIONAL BEEF: In just 25 years, National beef has established itself as the premier beef supplier. They have invested in unique processing technology that allows them to deliver fresh chilled variety meats to international customers. At National Beef, Food Safety is the top priority. The products comply with HACCP, SOP and GMP procedures.

GRANVILMER: The local snail from France. The artisanal fishing and the short circuit guarantee the freshness of their sea products. Their freezing process preserves the freshness and organoleptic qualities of the products.

The Food & Hotel Vietnam 2019 (FHV2019) taking place from 24 – 26th April 2019 at the SECC, Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC, Vietnam. We are at the Booth AE501. Look forward to see you there.