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Different types of cheese

Cheese is nutritious food made mostly from the milk of cows but also other mammals, like sheep, goats. Around 4000 years ago people have started to breed animals and process their milk. That’s when the cheese was born.

Let’s explore this article below for the overview of some popular types of cheese.


Cream cheese is a fresh, soft mild tasting cheese. Cream cheese has a high-fat content. Cream cheese has a mild, sweet taste with a pleasant slight tang.

The cheese is used to enrich cheesecakes, tiramisu cake, mousse cake, frostings, dips, toppings, sweet & savory dishes and desserts. It is also used to eat directly with bread, cracker or make flavourful desserts with colorful fruit combinations such as strawberry, blueberries, raspberries and kiwis.


Originating in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset, cheeses of this style are produced beyond the region and in several countries around the world. This is the most widely purchased and eaten cheese in the world.

Cheddar cheese is made from cow’s milk. It is hard and natural cheese that has light yellow and fat. Cheddar has a light mild taste, commonly used in burgers, sandwiches, pasta or some baked food like pizza, or Casserole, Risotto.


Mozzarella cheese is a sliceable curd cheese originating in Italy. Traditional Mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of water buffalos herded in very few countries such as Italy and Bulgaria. As a result, most of the Mozzarella cheeses available now are made from cow’s milk.

Fresh mozzarella is generally white but may vary seasonally to slightly yellow depending on the animal’s diet. Due to its high moisture content, it is traditionally served the day after it is made, but can be kept in brine for up to a week or longer when sold in vacuum-sealed packages.

Low-moisture mozzarella can be kept refrigerated for up to a month, though some shredded low-moisture mozzarella is sold with a shelf life of up to six months. Mozzarella of several kinds is also used for most types of pizza and several pasta dishes. Mozzarella will be melted and formed to sticky yarns after grilled.


Roquefort is a sheep milk cheese from the south of France. This cheese is one of the world’s best known blue cheeses.

The cheese is white, tangy, crumbly and slightly moist, with distinctive veins of blue mold. Roquefort is known in France as the king of cheeses. It is also mostly used in salads and dressings. However, the simple way to taste  Roquefort cheese is to take it with bread, that is enough to enjoy its flavor.


Camembert is one kind of soft cheeses made from fresh cow’s milk. Creamy taste, can be eaten directly or with sandwiches for breakfast, or combination with wine and as raw materials for food processing. Rich in calcium and effectively add on nutrition every day.