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Dairy products made in France: From the farm to the consumer’s plate

From the farm to the factory, the French dairy industry has long been committed to three aspects of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.

With more than 25 billion liters of cow’s, goat’s and ewe’s milk, France accounts for over 17% of Europe’s milk production. The country temperate’s climate and favorable rainfall, the availability of agricultural land and the commitment of its livestock farmers make it ideal for long-term milk production.

A guarantee of expertise, authenticity, quality, food safety, taste and refinement, dairy products Made in France enable the country to export the equivalent of 40% of its milk, approximately 10 billion liters, in the form of a very wide range of dairy products.

Dairy products in France: The French dairy traditional is not new

France is the only country in the world to offer such a broad spectrum of dairy products. 1,200 cheese; an unrivaled diversity of cream, butter, yogurts, and milk-based desserts; milk powders of high nutritional value. A heritage that has been exported all over the world for decades.

The development of the French dairy industry is driven by innovation, supported by permanently ongoing research.

From the monks of the Middle Ages, the same transformation processes and the same challenges: control of the natural rhythms of the metamorphoses of milk, make authentic products, ensure product quality and safety. The methods of the old days have been conserved and optimized with present-day technology for ever-increasing diversity, quality, and safety.

From the farm to the consumer’s plate

The quality chain of the dairy industry starts at the farm and extends right through to the shop. It functions particularly through the respect of the cold chain, strict quality checks on the milk and the products and by traceability procedures validated by the state. With the role of the state supplemented by the self-inspection conducted by farmers and manufacturers, a close watch is kept on dairy processing. There are a minimum of five inspection stages and three watchwords: quality, safety, and transparency.

  1. >> 1.  Food safety starts on the farm
  2. >> 2. Strict hygiene criteria for the milk collected
  3. >> 3. Milk is analyzed the same way all over France
  4. >> 4. All the factories receive health approval from the state
  5. >> 5. Infallible traceability